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Creating has always offered the power to awaken, uplift and transform the creator.  It offers the ability to go deeper, to give voice to more meaningful aspects of ourselves. Learn to listen to your creative voice — it will guide you to inner strength and wisdom.

Working closely with your own creative nature  can support heartfelt special projects, as well as individual transformational work.

I offer:

        Depth Coaching

        Professional Mentoring

        Exploratory Creation Groups

The factors that support our creative nature not only guide us to who we are but contribute to a longing to be authentic, creative and more conscious — I call this the Creativity Factor.

Your Creativity Factor

Susan E. Fox, MAE, CHHC


Author and Artist

Creative Mentor

Transformational Coach

Expressive Arts Educator

Transformational Counseling

“There is an approach to creating with
the sacredness of our spirit that inspires us to become more consciously aware of the world around us as well as the world inside us.

This connects us to the Creativity Factor within!”


Susan E. Fox

Photograph by: Bruce Luscombe

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Bringing together creativity with the love of nature and art.

Capturing the

Creativity Factor

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