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If you’d like some “hands-on” exposure to help reach the

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Visual Journaling

Second Friday of each Month

9:00 to 11:00 AM     ($30.00)    North Kingstown, RI

email Susan to reserve a spot or for more info

There is a powerful thread of imagery that runs through your life and speaks volumes about all of your life experiences. It reveals a landscape of inner knowing that supports a rich body of evidence that we are all remarkably creative.  Learning to recognize the creative potential in yourself allows you to transforms old internal patterns and provides for quantum leaps in thought processes.

This workshop focuses on nurturing the body, mind and spirit through self-expressive imagistic journaling practices combined with the mechanics of Quantum Theory. Touching upon three major points of access to our creative imagery and art making, you will experientially explore the process of accessing inner terrains of healing and transformation.     No art experience needed.

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