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If you’d like some “hands-on” exposure to help reach the

“Creativity Factor In You” then enroll in one of my upcoming programs.

You ARE Creative  -  START Creating!

Poetry, Art and Heart

A series of workshops called "Your Poetic Voice"
with Ned Ardvison and Susan Fox.

Experiential Poetry Workshops

Location: North Kingstown, 7:00 PM - 8:30 PM
$20 per workshop + materials fee (which varies)

February 2 – The Scent of Poetic Expression. We will use rare essential oils to support sensory literacy.

March 2 – The Contour of our Thoughts. We will use blind contour drawing to guide us into thoughtful phrases and word collage poetry.

April 6 – The Texture of Being. Texture is everywhere. The stone, tree, wood, leaves, etc. We will engage the sense of touch and what resonates with the inner textures of our being.

May 4 – Casting Light on Inner Expressions.  Sculpting the hand that shares the eternal voice. Casting your own hand to connect your hand with the voice of your heart.

June 1 – A walk by the Cove. A walking journey by the cove as a resource to activate somatic awareness and expression.      Summer schedule to be announced!

Artwork by: Susan E. Fox

Self Expression with Art & Nature


The Sacred Dance of Wandering   TBA

Embodied Nature Sensory Exercises   TBA

Earth Dialogues & Biomimicry   TBA


Choose Any One of the Saturday Workshops

"Keep your love of nature, for that is the way to understand art and more."  Vincent Van Gogh

Explore simple exercises to reconnect first with yourself and then find the meeting point where your spirit touches aliveness and beauty in the outer world of NATURE. These interactions will ask you to play with a new kind of consciousness and to stretch your creative perceptions in service of joy and discovery while honoring the "web of life."  These workshops are about creativity, nature awareness and playful exploration with our inner storyteller, poet and image-maker.

Looking through the lens of our imagination combined with the eco-creative self can lead to a heightened celebration of our life in community with the earth.


No art experience is necessary.

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Bringing together creativity with the love of nature and art.



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