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Keep Creating!

“Creativity is the human spirit manifesting, and I believe it is one of the most important qualities within all of us. It shapes life choices and governs patterns of being . . . AND supports the adventure of discovering who you really are!

That desire to create connects you to your essential nature. When you create,
you invite an aliveness of spirit
and deepen an inner knowing of yourself.

Whether you engage in drawing, painting, photography, sound, movement, poetry, gardening, cooking or other innovative endeavors, you are honoring
a need to express a creative impulse.

This longing to reflect an inner vision or give form to feelings allows you to travel on a more meaningful inner journey.
This is an exploration of the heart!”

Susan E. Fox

Taking Time To Explore

 My Own Creativity Factor!

Blue Moon artwork by: Susan E. Fox


"As my life continues to evolve,

a new path has appeared for me to gently walk.


I'm taking time for a more inward journey

focusing on my writing and painting

so I can better navigate this new adventure

unfolding before me."


Susan E. Fox


Bringing together creativity with the love of nature and art.

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Firefly artwork by: Sabra Park


Blue Tree artwork by: Susan E. Fox

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