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Bringing together creativity with the love of nature and art.


Creating Meaning and Wholeness in the World!


Based on using the creative evolutionary impulse from the stirring of these seeds, a series of classes, workshops and on-going projects are planned. One project, "10,000 Hearts" is germinating right now. This project is about embracing the idea that "what is in your heart matters."


Creating from a place that holds the images and symbols of joy, passion and purpose will support you to be your your own amazingly unique self. It holds you to a standard of being that represents your most vibrant self.


Heart seeds are blueprints for what we are destined to become, like the mighty oak coming from the acorn. Creating an expressive heart sets the intention for the blossoming of the life force within you! Join me in creating from this heart-centered perspective.


For more information on classes, free on-going community presentations and the "10,000 Hearts" series. Please click on one of the below buttons:

Heart Seed Art Project

 Heart artwork by: Sara Adams

33 Hearts (bkgd) art by: Susan Fox

 Heart artwork by: Bre Tindall

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