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The Creators . . .

"Images used on this website were created by myself and some of the artists I've mentored. I thank them for allowing me to use their artwork as examples of the CFIY.

Some I've mentored have no formal training and little or no artistic experience. Others come from varied backgrounds and have been working at their artwork for many years.

It's the "creativity factor" within them that encourages them to explore, to draw and paint, to create from within. It's not the goal of creating great art, it's the love of creating they enjoy.

I am proud to have helped these artists on their journey of exploration to find their Creativity Factor."

Susan E. Fox

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Sabra Park uses her spiritual connection to nature and the universe to create beautiful artwork. She enjoys conveying the preciousness of life through her human faces and animals. Sabra starts with the eyes as they lead her to the subjects soul. Use of vibrant colors and bold swashes illustrate her surging spiritual energy.

Bruce Luscombe takes a closer view or an obscure angle so the viewer must study the image until they realize what they're looking at and then maybe find the hidden surprises within.

Kate Siekierski In loving memory and  honor of our beloved friend and fellow artist, we share Kate's artwork as an inspiration to everyone. She is missed very much. Her bold mandala art is earth based imagery that is dynamic, colorful and iconic.

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Firefly artwork by: Sabra Park

Blue Tree artwork by: Susan E. Fox

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