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"10,000 Hearts" is about opening to the seeds in your heart center and growing into who you truly are! Seeds are blueprints for what holds meaning and passion for life and the blossoming of the life force within you.


In this and other on-going Heart Seed Art Project (HSAP) events you will be creating imagery as reminders and guides for a soul filled life.  The seeds may be invisible yet you feel their power when you are engaged in what is meaningful!   Your seeds may guide you to write or garden — build houses, plan events, nurture children, heal, motivate, inspire, teach, invent or simply paint as I do.


At HSAP events you will create two hearts -

1)  One as a reminder of your own core mission and

2)  One that will be sent out into the world to encourage a stirring in the awareness of others to
       activate their own heart centered seeds or blueprints!


It is a planetary mission of this project to activate more individuals to lives from a core place . . . and to share an expressive heart image with the world as a way of holding a vision for greater awareness and peace.


For more information please click a button or visit our Heart Seed Art Project FB page.

10,000 Hearts 

“Your heart is a seed. Go plant it in the world.”

~  Sue Monk Kid

Heart art by: Sabra Park

33 Hearts (bkgd) art by: Susan Fox

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